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Quotes and Reviews

“R.C. Frederick weaves a charming tale of magic, yearning, and friendship…”
Judy Blundell, 2008 National Book Award Winner - What I Saw and How I Lied

* * *
"Imagination is what transports us from what is, to what could be. Children are blessed with it.
Griffin: The Littlest Gargoyle is an enchanting story of best friends with big dreams...
and R. H. Obrero's illustrations are amazing!
'N'abandonnez jamais vos rêves.'"
Betty Monello... a believer in all children and their dreams! - Director, Pinecrest Schools Woodland Hills

* * *
"With Griffin: The Littlest Gargoyle,
R.C. Frederick has tapped into history and mythology to create a wonderful tale of courage and self discovery.
These are timeless principles that would serve the youth of today well. A worthy addition to any school library."
Amarpal Khanna, Director of Visual and Media Art - ICEF Public Schools/VisionArts